Monitoring and Data infrastructure Ai for Africa

safegridAI is a research laboratory based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our mission is to build Africa's Digital Infrastructure and ensuring robust data aggregation & monitoring system with Aritificial Intelligence. The safegridAI Charter describes the principles that guide us as we execute our mission.



Emerging markets have a very poor data structure to track Covid-19 cases and eventually eradicating it. Decisions taken to fight Covid-19 are not based on real data. safegridAI's existence is to help emerging markets leverage on Data to effectively fight the novel pandemic Covid-19. Face Mask has be made compulsory in major cities in Africa like Lagos, Accra just to mention a few; safegridAI is a face mask detection Ai that detects whenever face mask is worn or not.

  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Object tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Pose Estimation
  • Action Recognition
  • Super Resolution
  • Data, Models & Training

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Nigeria

based on our data structure, our system collects data real time on all cases, new discorvered cases all around Nigeria. We get our data directly from Nigeria Disease Control (NCDC).


Total cases




Join the fight against Covid-19

Join the fight against Corona virus, make your CCTV/Survillance system smart with our Face mask recognition Artificial Intelligence(FMRAI) called safegridAI. It has been trained to detect when face mask is not worn and can also detect poor quality face mask which exposes us to the virus.

Existing survillance compliance

safegridAI is an add-on solution that can plugged into an existing survillance system with no hassle.

Ease of Installation

safegridAI can be installed by anybody with slightest of tech knowledge as it comes with step by step installation guide.

Face mask detection

safegridAI is able to help predict high risk areas due to the data it gathers of number of people putting on face mask and number of people with no mask on. This makes us become more careful in high risk areas.